If you can use a drill, screwdriver and caulk gun... You can install Eze-Breeze porch enclosure panels in about 15 minutes each!

EzeBreeze units are easy to install and are the best way to extend your living space. You or any handyman, contractor or carpenter can install these in 10-15 minutes each.
If you are going to install yourself, here is what you need to know:

  • Arrange your units to match each opening.
  • Remove any shipping straps
  • Place the unit in the opening just to make sure it fits. Then remove it and caulk around the outside of the opening where the flange is going to sit.
  • Apply caulk about 1/2" from the edge all the way around, leaving no gaps.
  • Place the unit back into opening - with all of the vents positioned down at the bottom. Center side-to-side and top-to-bottom. Use shims to keep the unit in place. Having someone on the inside to help you is nice.
  • Put 6 screws in to hold the unit in place - see diagram in downloaded instructions below. Raise the vents and continue installing rest of screws as per Outside Mount Installation Instructions..
  • After installing the screws, make sure all of the vents operate smoothly and lock into place. If there is any binding or issue, remove the screws and make sure the unit is square or did not shift.

IMPORTANT: Once you are sure everything is working correctly - remove the plastic shipping spacer at the top of the unit.


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