Measuring Instructions for EZE-Breeze Windows  

Make sure you have a minimum of 2 full inches between windows. Also, for INSIDE mount windows, there are special considerations that have to be made in the corners (see video). When measuring a whole room, start at one end and work your way around the rrom, numbering each opening in sequence. This will avoid some confusion at installation time, especially when some openings can be so similar in sizes. 


To Measure:

You will measure each opening in 6 places – 3 widths and 3 heights. You will use the smallest width measurement and smallest height measurement for each unit when ordering. All measurements must be in inches – no metrics.

First, measure the width between the frame posts you are installing on. The posts could be wood studs, aluminum posts or other existing vertical posts. They are what goes from the floor to the ceiling and hold up the roof. Keep in mind when you measure that you have to use the finished size of your posts. If you are going to wrap a post or trim a post with some thing first, that will alter your opening. Your measurements should be taken near the top and the bottom and one in the middle. Make sure your measuring tape is level. 

Second, measure the height between the lowest point you will screw a unit to and the top framing member. (see notes below if attaching directly to the floor). Again, take 3 measurements, one near each end and one in the middle. (see photo)  

Why 3 measurements? – As you will see when measuring, not every opening is completely square. 

In the construction trade these measurements are called the rough opening. Below is how these rough opening dimensions are used for ordering. 

Definitions For Sizing Options:

Daylight Opening (DLO) means the "guts" of the unit fit between the posts and the flange overlaps either the outside or the inside face of the post. In EZE-Breeze language your “Day Light Opening” is your Rough Opening minus any deductions.

Deducts: You can have a Standard 1/8" deduct which allows 1/8" of "play" between your posts. Or, you can chose a 1/4" deduct. Any more deduct than that will not allow enough flange to adequately screw on. Windows are supposed to be a tight fit between your posts.  

Note: The DLO measurement does not include the flange. Edge of flange to edge of flange will be approx 2" wider than the Daylight Opening size. The flange is what you screw through to attach the window to the posts.

TIP-to-TIP (TTT) sizing, means you are ordering the windows so the entire frame including the flange fits between your posts. In those cases, you will need a stop for the flange to be applied to that is a minimum of 3/4" wide. See photo for more information.

REMEMBER: These units are designed so you need no interior trimming. Between the framing and the unit. Normally a thin bead of caulking after installation is all that is needed. Note, you can trim out with quarter round or other trim to match your style. In any case, center the unit evenly, in the opening. 

NOTE: Once orders are put into production, they can not be changed or cancelled. You will own the windows . So remember “measure twice, and you will only have to order once”. 

Download Measuring Documents Below



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